Teofimo Lopez vs Josh Taylor the MOST meaningful & accomplishable fight in boxing. 2 undefeated Lineal UNDISPUTED P4P fighters. 10 belts on the line

On October 17th 2020 Teofimo Lopez surprised the boxing world in defeated the fighter who was regarded the best pound 4 pound number 1,2,3 you can flip it around anyway you put it in Vasyl Lomachenko. Not only were people surprise by the out come but by out boxing arguably the best technician, Teofimo Lopez made even the pundits and “experts” of boxing question their own expertise. 

Lopez Humbled a great percentage of the boxing world. Teofimo Lopez is a throw back fighter. The throw back fighters which many bring up in boxing debates to justify this new age of fighters not challenging themselves and not approaching their career to become the best of the best like those we constantly praise. 

It’s a reason why Teofimo Lopez stands out and have separated himself from his class. Because his approach to the sport is Legacy reigning supreme. And the reason why many understand him moving forward and pursuing a highly potential Fight vs 140 fellow pound 4 pound lineal undisputed fighter Josh Taylor, 10 belts on the line. The most meaningful and accomplishable fight in boxing. This inevitable opportunity is the reason why Teofimo Lopez vs Devin Haney at Lightweight is a good fight but a WASTE OF TIME for Teofimo. Teofimo have shown with action, he moves forward to enhance his legacy. 

If Teofimo Lopez defeats George Kambosos jr supposedly October 5th. The hecklers will call for a Haney fight or a rematch vs Loma, but a fight vs Josh Taylor is an historic fight, a fight that has so much on the line which we may never see anything come close to coming thru fruition. The stars may never align themselves for something of this magnitude to be possible. By Teofimo Lopez calling out to fight his greatest challenge, with so much on the line. The boxing world should be all hands on deck in supporting his demands. Teofimo Lopez vs Josh Taylor is the present fight which the future will justify how good or weak their era is. 

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