Jermall Charlo Facing 3 counts of Felony Robbery is Idiotic. “The one who truly will be Robbed is Charlo by the Justice system monopoly games.”

Jermall Charlo is just another Boxer having a run in with the law yet another successful rich athlete that will be potentially strategically juiced out by the criminal justice system.

Jermall Charlo is being accused of stealing money from a waitress while trying to bail on a restaurant without paying his bill.

The incident happened on Friday, July 16, at a bar in northwest San Antonio.

According to police, who spoke with three bar workers and two managers, Charlo was at the bar with a large party.

The waitress told officers Charlo’s credit card was declined three times when he was trying to pay the bill.

When the waitress tried to confront the boxer, investigators said he became visibly upset and began yelling at the waitress and the two managers on duty.

The incident was captured on surveillance video, though police said the footage did not pick up any audio.

Charlo was allegedly accusing the waitress of losing his credit card and demanded her to pay his bill. During the investigation, the video showed the waitress holding two binders used to collect money or other forms of payment.
At one point, police said Charlo snatched the binder from the waitress and was allegedly seen taking items.

Police said inside the binder was Charlo’s ID and a cash payment made by another customer the waitress was serving.

According to court documents, Charlo allegedly yelled, “I will [expletive] you all [expletive] up!”

Police said the boxer directed that statement toward the waitress and the managers.

The managers ultimately let the boxer and his party leave the bar in an effort to de-escalate the situation, according to police.

As the group was leaving, the waitress was allegedly stepped on by someone in the group and suffered a minor leg injury.
Charlo was released from jail on Wednesday after posting a $15,000 bond.

Jermall Charlo attorney gave a statement in Fox26Houston on the Isiah factor uncensored

I represent Jermall Charlo and I just saw your story regarding his case. I want to make clear that Jermall stole no money from anyone at the club and made no threats toward anyone. When they ran his card it was declined and he then received a fraud alert from Chase Bank asking if he had made the charge. He responded yes and they told him to have the charge submitted again. The waitress went to run it again and came back saying she could not find the card. Jermall was upset that his card was missing since it was a debit card tied to an account with a substantial amount of money. The waitress had his license sticking out of a portfolio and he took his license back saying that he didn’t want her to lose that too. By this time, many club employees were gathering in the hallway so Jermall’s handlers wanted to get him out of the club before trouble started and a club employee walked Jermall out to his car. Hours later Jermall’s assistant made contact with the club to give them another credit card number but the club refused to accept it. Over the last few weeks we have talked to the police, prosecutors and the club owner and although the club owner expressed his desire to drop the charges the officer insisted on filing charges to try to embarrass Jermall. At no time did he rob anyone or take any property other than his own.”

We seen this too often. The justice system on search of another celebrity to fit and pay their bill.

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