Manny Pacquiao Said he is retiring without saying i’m Retired during Post fight press conference.

Manny Pacquiao during the post fight press conference sounded like he’s done without saying “i’m done. Pacquiao who lost a unanimous decision to super WBA welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas gave all the praise and was highly humble in defeat.

You know that Pacquiao truly lost when not even the most loyal fan base screamed Robbery. Pacquiao and Ugas had 11 days to prepared for each other. Which at the elite level, match ups like that rarely comes thru fruition when 2 elite in the respected division clash.

Maybe Manny was lucky that his opponent was not the man they regard as the #1 welterweight of the world Errol Spence the unified champ. For a 42 year old legend and the milage in those tires, finally the tires went flat. You can’t put air on them tires any longer and you cant afford new pair of wheels. Manny done enough in the sport to call it a career.

For a fighter like manny you need a team to help him make that decision because as we all know if its up to many he will ride it out to the wheels fall off matter fact knowing manny he will ride it out bare footed like the flipstones. Ugas was connecting right hands at will and Ugas is not your most powerful nor nearly have the speed like the likes of Spence, Crawford or even the young phenom in Boots Ennis and Vergil Ortiz.

Manny also sustain Cuts that require stitches. In the words of Mr Buffer announcer of the ufc, “ITS TIIIIIIIIIIME” for the new chapter of pac’s career or maybe just maybe he has a nice finally fight vs Mickey Garcia or an exhibition hey who knows. We will pay to see Pac in the ring because ewe won’t know when we will ever see anything close to the legend, The goat Manny Pacquiao.

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