Amilcar Vidal defeats Immanuwel Aleem in a HIGHLY entertaining middleweight bout.

Amilcar Vidal remains undefeated as he defeats Immanuwel Aleemin by majority decision, a highly entertaining Middleweight bout. Vidal showcased versatility in his repertoire landing consistent right hands and left hooks to the body which definitely hurt Aleem multiple times especially in the 6th round. “I believe I was a fair winner, but I am not here to argue about the score. I may have lost my way in a couple of rounds, but I regained control of the fight and I have as much as I took.”

Aleem was no push over tho he was having success when he had Vidal on the ropes smothering Vidal work from time to time landing crisp uppercuts but the punch resistant was not there to hurt Vidal.

“I was not surprised by his strategy of working inside. We worked on that in camp. I wanted to work him in and then I would finally show him my power in the end.

Vidal now 13-0 has bright future at middleweight.

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