Adrien “The Problem” Broner ALCOHOLISM Outcry for help should not be neglected by the Boxing community

Adrien “The Problem” Broner has definitely lived up to his nickname in and out the ring. Broner has admitted recently in his social media accounts his battle with alcoholism and issues which have led to it such as Wife leaving him, Lawsuits, lack of fight contracts, Family & Friends always with their hand out, court cases, not knowing who around him is trustworthy which many celebrities have experienced. Boxing is a lonely sport and many boxers even the most loved and accomplished ones had battled with their demons. Unfortunately it seems as fighters basically has to face its opposition all by themselves out the ring like they do in the ring but the days of modern day warriors and Gladiators fighting their demons by themselves, should be no more. 

People may have neglected the fact that fighters are still normal human beings. Of course their line of of work is out the norm yet they are still normal human beings trying to make ends meat the best they know how to provide and take care of their family etc. Fighters like Adrien Broner who born and raised basically in the slums of America literally fought his way to a lucrative successful career at a young age. Yet with that success brings a lot of leeches. Believe it or not Financial Illiteracy is an issue many young professional athletes who comes from particular experience and environment Broner has, may not admit they are and when those around him come from the same slums he made it out from yet he’s the only one who is winning. Many like Broner feel their responsibility is to bring friends and family even associates along for the ride. 

Many have heard the phrase “I never thought I’ll make it pass 21 years of age.” And when you have that type of mind set you may feel you need to experience life like there is no tomorrow. So you live fast and you spend fast, acknowledge all the groupies and things of that nature, I think you get the drift.  Even the adults around broner don’t have the type of wisdom to truly help Him, it’s inevitable to experience hiccups along the way. 

Adrien Broner Facebook post

Adrien Broner post is an interpretation of a man screaming for help. An outcry that not only friends and family should attend to but also the boxing community which seen many fighters Crash while many look on from a distance. Our modern day warriors and Gladiators should no longer experience this sport as a lonely sport nor a lonely life. The sport of boxing don’t have a union which it’s unfortunate yet that should not stop us from uniting as one family to help a warrior in need. 

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