Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury VILLAIN VS VILLAIN not an ingredient for highly successful LIVE GATE

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury as we already know has been Postponed and rumored to be completely cancelled. Tyson Fury and several members of the Fury camp have tested positive for Covid which led this fight to be Postponed. Many fans in the boxing world unfortunately is questioning if its even true. One Conspiracy Theory such as “The positive Covid test is a way to postpone the event because of lack of ticket sales.” 

Facts is Wilder nor Fury in several of their recent fights have been massive ticket sellers. None have gotten close to even sniff Record setting PPV sales. In the history of boxing the greenprint have always been either Race vs Race(black vs white) Country rivalries such as Mexican fighter vs Puerto Rican fighter. Villian vs The Good (Mayweather vs Pacquiao) but NEVER The villain vs Villain. 

Deontay Wilder is a walking highlight reel so it’s unfortunate the amount of haters he got but of course the back and forth negotiations between Anthony Joshua and himself which many were anticipating a undisputed heavyweight bout that never materialized and the cheating accusations made towards Fury & creating a racial overtone within those allegations turned off many fans & brought the hate to the front door to its own Brand. 

Tyson Fury charismatic yet boisterous also has a way of tuning you in yet turning you off in the way which he self promotes. Also testing positive for banned substances multiple times in his career will turn many fans off. 

Fury and his cousin Hughie test positive in February 2015 for the banned steroid nandrolone, which they blamed on eating uncastrated wild boar. They received backdated bans of two years before resuming their careers in December 2017 in London. In 2016 A positive results for benzoylecgonine, which is a “central compound found in cocaine and the marker for a positive test for the banned substance and illegal drug. 

Like Wilder situation with Anthony Joshua many was anticipating a Undisputed heavyweight showdown between Fury vs Joshua which Fury and his team led the fans on in believing the fight will come thru fruition yet didn’t. Just The day before Bob Arum announced that The negotiations for heavyweight bout was off due to Deontay Wilder winning the arbitration for Fury vs Wilder trilogy, Fury said in a social media Video post that he has received assurances regarding the fight from Prince Khalid Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Saudi defense secretary, saying “this fight is 100% on.” Well as we know that was a LIE. Leading fans to believe that nothing will get in the way of the undisputed bout. Many fans felt like they got “played.” 

A great amount of boxing fans are just irritated of the shenanigans and lack of accountability of both sides and its team. Basically there is no hero to massively cheer for. Two extreme talented fighters that probably got more haters than fans at this particular moment and that’s not the ingredient of the greenprint. Two Heels May work in the WWE, but in boxing is not a successful formula. Thus the rumor of lack of ticket sales makes sense. 

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