Tyson Fury RIDICULED & SHAMED for falling ill with COVID. Boxing have become an INHUMANE community.

When a human being falls Ill with Covid, the humane thing to hope for is for those individuals to have a speedy and healthy recovery, yet since boxing is a barbaric sport which health is normally in jeopardy. Boxing fans are condition to careless about the health of its participants. Put this way, Fans mentality is as barbaric as the action in that square circle. So when you have one of the most anticipated boxing event of the year headlined by Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder canceled because Wbc Heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury unfortunately tested positive for Covid, anything but well wishes is mentioned. 

Tyson Fury and several members of his camp tested positive for Covid and the pathetic feedback he and other fighters have gotten for contracting this virus is basically inhumane. Many disturbing individuals on social media and YouTube boxing content creators massively downplayed Fury’s conditions. Many have become conspiracy theorist justifying that this was a business decision for Fury not to take the 3rd fight and let it run to its expiration date September 15th in which contractual Wilder vs Fury 3 needs to take place before that date or Fury will be stripped of his title. Believing that Fury just wants the undisputed heavyweight bout with Fellow Brit Anthony Joshua. 

Other have stated that Fury is scared of wilder and accused him of ducking. Hmm hard to believe when many in boxing feel Tyson outboxed wilder the 1st fight which the outcome was ruled a draw. In the 2nd fight Tyson Fury outslugged Wilder by stopping him in the 7th round which at this point many feel Fury has Wilder’s number so why would Fury be afraid of a man he beat from pillar to post? 

Many have heard Wilder’s reasons of why he think Fury beat him the 2nd fight.  From loaded & floppy gloves, water tampered, heavy costume, White privilege etc. Nobody can neglect that corruption is embedded in boxing historically yet no one wants to neglect wanting to see the proof of Wilder allegations. Many Wilder fans want to ridicule others for not believing Wilder’s allegations or excuses. Many of them act Beta like if you ask them to provide proof and evidence of Wilder’s claim yet now, They are desperate to want Fury to show proof and crucifying him for “using Covid as an EXCUSE” isn’t that ironic. 

This bout have brought the inhumane of Boxing fans to the point which the boxing God’s had to pull the plug on this. From racial overtones, Drugging allegations. Threats between camps and other boxers outside of this bout. The diss genuine and lack of health concern for fighters who risk their lives for our pure entertainment. Calling this fight OFF for good, May be a blessing.

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