Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 3 in Jeopardy of POSTPONEMENT. COVID outbreak in Fury’s Camp

The most anticipated bout in 2021 is in jeopardy to be postponed do to COVID outbreak in Tyson Fury’s camp. A final decision has not been determined whether a postponement will occur yet this matter should be taken serious and it should be understood that we are still living in a pandemic.

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury trilogy has been building since the day after their 2nd bout when Fury beat Wilder from pillar to post. Wilder who till this day have not acknowledge he lost fair and square and believe cheating in the hands of Fury’s, LITERALLY was the fault of him being dismantled. Also believing that former trainer Olympian & former 2x champion Mark Breland may have tampered with his water which he later fired and hired new trainer and confidant Malik Scott.

We won’t ignore that Boxing is known For its corruption yet we also can’t ignore that proof has not been shown to sustain the allegations Wilder brought forth.
Many believe that a postponement may actually help Wilder sharpen his tools extend or Enhance his chemistry with his new trainer.
One lost do not define any great fighter.

Deontay Wilder still possess arguably the most powerful punch in boxing history. Any second it could be lights out. Many feel Fury has Wilder’s number yet if he did we wouldn’t have a trilogy. The most skillful heavyweight of this era vs the most dangerous puncher arguably in the history of the sport is still a compelling fight. Yet HEALTH comes 1st.

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