Jermell Charlo vs Brian Castano split draw in a high octane UNDISPUTED fight

Jermell Charlo & Brian Castano gave people’s their money’s worth yet Undisputed is still undecided Castano did what many expected in terms of approach and style. Castano hurt Charlo in the 2nd round but gather his faculties right away to finish the round strong.

Charlo was force to fight and when he did, he took full advantage of it hurting Castano in the 6th round. It was a back and forth action, fan friendly and what you expect when the best fighting the best.

Charlo’s highlights success and vulnerability came when he was against the ropes. Charlo who was conservative at times but when push came to shoves. Charlo returned with fires of his own. Both warriors displayed great chin and durability to sustain heavy blows.

Charlo in the post fight conference stated he felt he won the fight but he also disagree with the judge that actually had him winning 117-111. “It was closer than that.”

Brian Castano said it was robbery and felt Charlo was given local hometown treatment. Charlo is a Texas native.

What’s next? REMATCH with out a doubt and the fight will be bigger. Fight of the year nominee.

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