Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Press Conference may be TYSON VS LEWIS all over again.

For a little more over a year after Deontay Wilder lost to new heavyweight WBC champ Tyson Fury. The world of boxing was subjected to overwhelming allegations from Wilder toward Fury on the reason of his lost. “Costume to heavy.” Mark Breland tampering with the Water, White Privilage, Glove gate, incompetent ref, the JUJU spell etc Many fans were turned off but who said being turned off of a fighter will make you not tune in. Even tho Wilder have not shown the proof of his claims, but if he truly believes it, how can he just Professionally go thru a press conference with a man that tried to basically conspire to drug him and kill him in that ring. Thus todays Press conference for Wilder vs Fury trilogy might top the infamous Mike Tyson vs Lennox Lewis press conference.

If many remember Mike Tyson charged Lennox Lewis. Lewis claim Tyson bit his leg. someone yells out at Tyson “put him in a straight jacket” Tyson replied “you come over here and put me on a straight jacket, you could never live in my world bitch, I’ll fuck you to you love me fagot.” YUK!! What a statement but anyway that presser was an ugly one. There wasn’t real animosity between both fighters the way Wilder & Fury has developed towards one another.

They might have to hire extra security and put them between the fighters like they did Tyson vs Lewis when both was in the ring before they clashed. Also there will be extra law enforcement outside. Lets not forget the fans of each fighter have develop a hate towards one another. Many people may underestimate the seriousness of beefs like this may cause but it could spill in the street. Race has also been added to the mix. Wilder Claims White Privilege was part of why Fury was victorious. Wilder defined Gypsies as liars and cheaters “The Gypsies believe if they have an opportunity to cheat and they don’t cheat, they consider you to be a sucker.” stated once. Which when Tyson fury got a wind of those statement he vowed never to fight Wilder. Well come to think of it Fury will fight Wilder so did Wilder get the lying part right? i’m just saying.

The anticipation of this presser going south, its inevitable. Those Allegations are serious and Deontay Wilder may deliver the consequences towards the action he strongly believe took place. The TRILOGY may very well be Today. This Press conference is actually PPV worthy.

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