Shakur Stevenson Defeats Nakathilia in a SNOOZEFEST & Apologize for Performance

Shakur Stevenson defeats Jeremiah Nakathilia in a 12 round decision SNOOZEFEST and earned his WBO interim belt and now mandatory to Wbo super featherweight Champion Jemel Herring. Shakur was not happy with his performance and apologize to his fans via IG “I Apologize to all my fans i didn’t feel good tonight but i did what i had to win.. thank you for all da support i promise better for further fights to come.”

A win is a win yet for a special talent like a phenom like Stevenson and depends on his opponent hes fighting that night. Is not just if you win, but is How you win. Shakur won every single round and drop Nakathilia once in the early rounds. Stevenson was throwing a lot of single shot barely thru combinations and rarely used his wonderful job the way we see him use consistently thru out his young career. He was dedicated to counter his opponent all night. while fans called it a night before it even ended.

Shakur Stevens is moving on to bigger and better things and a showdown this fall with Jemel Herring will definitely will be something to witness. Both men know each other very well. This will be Stevenson truly biggest test which many feel he will pass but in boxing we never know what can happen. Jemel Herring is a champion for a reason. To be the man you got to beat the man.

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