Floyd Mayweather LOST to Logan Paul

The theme to The Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul event was “BRAGGING RIGHTS.” And since there weren’t any rules, judges, bets etc just pure exhibition we can only go by bragging rights and since the theme of this fight was for bragging rights. Logan Paul a youtuber going 8 rounds with The self proclaim THE BEST EVER and factually one of the greatest ever Floyd Mayweather in a serious exhibition which both men tried to put hurt on one another. Logan Paul is the only one truly that can brag about the outcome and probably got the only highlight of the fight in the 1st round with a flurry which went viral.

Is nothing Floyd Mayweather can brag about. Several of his peers questioned in terms of him tarnishing his legacy or even giving a black eye to the sport boxing and things of that nature. This event did not help boxing and the boxing community will not blame a non boxer like Logan Paul. Let’s be honest when we still have a legend like Manny Pacquiao that’s always going to connected to Floyd Mayweather fighting the likes of Keith Thurman and Errol Spence. Mayweather Don’t seem as special especially for the moment.

One thing for sure, Mayweather don’t give a (bleep) what anyone thinks about his move. He’s the money man and everything he does is driven and dictated by money. In the post fight interview he stated “I’m blessed to make money off my legacy.” Ladies and gentlemen that’s truly a blessing for a man to risk his life for 2 decades in the sport of boxing and actually still capitalize off his relevancy and legacy as he stated is truly remarkable and a testament to his hard work and dedication longevity and taking good care of his health. Surely Mayweather could brag about that.

The Bragging rights award tho goes to Logan Paul and Logan Paul will capitalize off this moment like Mayweather been capitalizing off his legacy.

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