Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul HUGFEST & The Rain was highlight of Event

Floyd Mayweather was back in the ring last night vs Logan Paul and many wonder why? Many felt Mayweather is tampering with his legacy. Many like The legend Ricky Hatton felt a Logan Paul DON’T deserve to share the ring with Mayweather. Several people felt and feel these type of events brings the eyeballs to boxing and many believe it gives a black eye to boxing. What we do know for sure is Floyd Mayweather won’t leave easy money on the table. Hate it or Love it

The fight was basically a HUGFEST for 8 rounds. If we can take a positive of the fight or personnel is Mayweather reflexes is legendary and positioning and balance is Special. Mayweather especially after the 1st round began pushing basically a heavyweight Like Logan Paul back which tells you a lot about Mayweather underrated strength. By the end of the fight you heard the boos. Many was upset that Mayweather carried a youtuber to a full 8th round “decision” really no decision cause it was no judges but you get the drift.

The Rain was an issue thru out the event which you saw fighters slipping and falling kn the Matt. The stadium looked empty. Maybe the boxing Gods or Mother Nature was trying to piss on the event. The eye balls that this event might have brought would not be sustained. Boxing is missing the WOW affect. Especially when you charging the folks, fans want to get their money’s worth. Yet fans have to take to be accountable in knowing what you are paying for. This was a joke to begin with. The only thing that was not a joke is the money that will be deposit in each of the participants back account. Mayweather kept saying is legal robbery. Hey you got robbed #norefund

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