Daniel Dubois 2nd round K.O win bad set back for a GREAT comeback

Heavyweight powerhouse Dynamite Daniel Dubois gets back to winning ways with an explosive 2nd round knockout of Romania’s Bogdan Dinu in Telford.

After suffering a fracture orbital bone from the hands of Joy Joyce in his last outing. Many contemplated if he will ever return to the ring at the time not knowing the level of seriousness of the injury sustain that night. But like a young hungry warrior that Dubois is, Nothing will let him stop in his way to keep striving for that ultimate goal and that’s to become heavyweight champion.

Daniel Dubois still has a highly promising future. That’s the way you go back to the drawing board and fix what needs to be fixed. It maybe technique adding and sharpening and also to build back the confidence a fighter May have lost after his 1st defeat.

Dubois answered all the question that needed to be answered and past his test with flying colors. Now on to the next. He’s now interim Wba title holder in the quest of being wba regular champion mandatory.

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