Jermell Charlo needs Twin Bro Jermall Charlo to put respect on their name.

Unified super welterweight (154) champion Jermell Charlo is one win away to becoming UNDISPUTED super welterweight champion when he goes up against the wbo champion Brian Castano. A legacy and historic fight for both men and the sport.
Last undisputed king was hall of famer Winky Wright nearly 20yrs ago. Jermell Charlo’s “identical” twin brother Middleweight (160) wbc champion Jermall Charlo for his next fight vs Juan Montiel is not an historic one nor a legacy fight but the type of fight That legitimizes more so justify the feeling and opinion on why many fans think boxing is dying and abandon boxing for the UFC.
Jermell Charlo pick is what keeps boxing alive, Jermall Charlo pick is what drags boxing to the grave. How can Twin brothers brought up the same way, molded the same way as warriors think and approach challenges so differently?

Jermall Charlo usually referred to Big Charlo, is not making big moves like Jermell Charlo who should now adopt the nick name from his brother. Not only is Jermell The big Charlo but arguably The King in the Pbc umbrella.
Let’s not neglect that the Charlos are one of the most successful siblings pro athletes in the world. But Jermell is doing most of the leg work.
Is no excuse while in the position Jermall Charlo is in that Juan Montiel is his next opponent when Demetrius Andrade wbo middleweight champion was available before him accepting the Liam Williams fight. GGG the ibf middleweight champion was available. Many may ask why does Jermall has to take most of the blame for not making those fights happen. Well if a fighter referred themselves as their own boss. Than people expect bosses to make boss moves.

The middleweight division with great names leading the way seems as they all abandoned the responsibility as champions. Jermall Charlo is abandoning his position, status and responsibilities as a champion while Big Bro Jermell Charlo have accepted his.

Is weird to think that one identical twin is cut from a different cloth from the other. Hey folks is a 1st for everything.

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