John Riel Casimero vs Guillermo Rigondeaux August 14th WBO bantamweight on the line

The Rumor of John Riel Casimero vs Guillermo Rigondeaux has now become reality. The once pound 4 pound Rigo is up against one of the hottest streaks of any champion in boxing. Casimero wbo bantamwight champ has been a K.o machine of late. 6 straight stoppage and looking for the 7th.

The rebirth of Casimero has been a remarkable one which actually mirrors his mentor Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao who had several hiccups early in his career overcame that and went on his way to be an unstoppable force with the guidance of than new trainer Freddie Roach and a life changing nutrition diet. Soon as Casimero made similar changes and also join the legend in its camps. Casimero became a different beast. This new Beast is what makes this fight with olympian rigo an exciting matchup.

Rigo the challenger who Possessing one of the greatest amateur records of all time, former unified bantamweight champ and walking hall of fame, is the biggest test and name of Casimero’s career. Rigo Arguably one of the best technician to ever grace a boxing ring seems he still got a lot of miles left in him even being at the age 40. Yet with athletes today understanding their body more with advance technology, 40 is new 30.

This match up is your tradition boxer vs brawler. what that means? FIRE WORKS. Yes Casimero have develop substantially as a boxer but he’s a true fighter that his approach is to inflict pain. Will father time catch up to Rigo or Will Casimero gets a boxing lessons from one of the greatest active professor and his streak will be snapped.

ladies and gentlemen this will be one hot summer.

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