Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna JULY 9th

Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna officially announced to take place July 9th. Ryan Garcia knocked out Luke Campbell January 2nd with a devastating body shot. A performance that left many in awww!! And also silenced a lot of critics in reference to if he’s the real deal and more than just a social media sensation, which that was a poor and a unfair assessment by many. Ryan Garcia proved himself in the amateur and worked his way up the ranks in the professional level.

Ryan Garcia won the WBC interim belt that night to become the #1 Mandatory to the Wbc world champion belt holder Devin Haney. Yet after the fight Garcia called out Gervonta Davis and few weeks later turned his attention to 8 division world champion 5 lineal and a walking hof Manny Pacquiao for a potential clash while many questioned the move at this juncture of his career or whether the fight was realistic or not. Many questioned what direction is Ryan Garcia is heading.

Many may also question why Ryan Garcia is fighting Javier Fortuna who was also awarded Mandatory position by beating Antonio Lozado November 21st this past year with a knockout of his own. Why is Devin Haney fighting another voluntary bout who have yet fought any mandatory since being elevated Wbc world champion the same day they elevated Vasyl Lomachenko as WBC franchise champion which the WBC considers the Franchise champion as their supreme champion of their organization. The WBC Franchise Champion is currently Teofimo Lopez who also holds all the supreme World titles from each recognized Belt federation. WBO, WBC,IBF, LINEAL.

Honestly speaking the WBC gave hijacked the lightweight division and has created a bit of confusion and frustration in the boxing community. Basically the solution is for everyone to call up all belt federations and ask each who is your supreme champion at lightweight. If they all answer Teofimo Lopez which they all have done than common sense tells you Teofimo Lopez is UNDISPUTED. There goes the solution to the confusion.

Realistically Ryan Garcia fighting Javier Fortuna is actually a perfect opponent just like Devin Haney vs Jorge Linares is a perfect opponent. They still relatively young and still developing aside from their hype. These are perfect opponents. But also Javier Fortuna is not just going to let the Ryan star power over shadow that he’s in his prime still ready to cause havoc and got goals and dreams of his own. Javier Fortuna Is as dangerous as any lightweight.

Fortuna could turn a bout to a clean boxing bout or a all out war. Is not one fight in which Fortuna does not dictate the pace win or lose. Fortuna sets the tone. Ryan Speed could set up a tone which Fortuna may not keep up.
this is a interesting match and a perfect opportunity for both. Sampson promotion prez which Promotes Javier Fortuna states that Fortuna will beat Ryan Garcia and than be elevated as full champion because Devin Haney if he’s still champion will be reluctant to face Fortuna and drop the belt and move up to 140.

The wbc order the winner of Garcia vs Fortuna to fight the winner of Haney vs Linares in 90 days yet we all know Wbc will void their own ruling and orders. Why they didn’t WBC order those mandatories to fight Haney? WBC is running its own tournament and all hands on deck from Golden boy, Matchroom boxing, Sampson promotion the 4 fighters in play. Yet look out for all parties to come out in social media platform and pretend neither is previewed to know what the wbc is doing and why this one is ducking this one and why this one didn’t activate their mandatory gibberish. THEY ARE ALL IN THE BUSINESS OF THE WBC.

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