Jermell Charlo not piggy banking off NO ONE but his own Name. UNDISPUTED bound.

2021 could very well be a Undisputed year in the sport of boxing. On top of that it could very well be the most historic one. With the Junior welterweight undisputed fight between Jose Ramirez vs Josh Taylor already scheduled for May 22nd and the Heavyweight undisputed with Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua moments away from locking in a date & venue. The Super welterweight Undisputed between Jermell Charlo vs Brian Castano outcome will be awarded the 1st ever 4 belt undisputed and only the 2nd undisputed champion which the 1st one was held by hall of fame Winky Wright Nearly 20 years ago. 

Pound 4 Pound Jermell Charlo potentially the heavy favorite in this fight but also the favorite in a fighter creating & paving his own way by not piggy banking off a legends name or current cashcow. 

The 154 pound division is not traditionally and historically or one of the glamorous divisions in boxing. Respectfully so, Jermell Charlo holds the WBC, IBF, WBA & Lineal is the pulse of the division. There are many fighters, legendary at that which needed that “cashcow” dancing partner to propel them as a star or superstar in boxing. Attract them to a larger audience. Example Oscar de la Hoya turned Pretty Boy Floyd to money May. Can you imagine Floyd Mayweather If he would have never gotten the chance to step in the ring with Hoya? Purse went from $8 mill to $25mill. Same way with Canelo Alvarez when he got the opportunity to step in the ring with Floyd Mayweather or Andy Ruiz with Anthony Joshua. Jermell Charlo stardom and purse is generated solely because of Jermell Charlo himself. 

Jermell Charlo unified the titles a little under a year vs Jaison Rosario on his 1st Headline PPV event shared with his Twin Brother wbc middleweight champion Jermall Charlo. 

The Wbo super welterweight champion Brian Castano is the only one holding the belt Charlo needs to become Undisputed. Charlo which only defeat was against Tony Harrison which he avenged in a epic performance on their rematch, is the only blemish in his record. Trained by in many people’s eyes arguably the best trainer in boxing Derrick James. Charlo have developed substantially especially in the power category and see no signs in slowing down or weakening. 

A pros pro who is dedicated to the game and always fight ready. With many fans always criticizing the Pbc stable “Al Haymon” fighters for not fighting enough or not fighting quality challenges. Charlo resume is up to part. Nothing coming easy for Charlo and that’s why he’s acknowledged as one of the pound 4 pound fighters in boxing. 

2021 May very well be one of the most historic years in boxing and Jermell Charlo name will be written all over it. 

One thought on “Jermell Charlo not piggy banking off NO ONE but his own Name. UNDISPUTED bound.

  1. So let me get this right… Charo will become a real undisputed champion holding all four world belts.. ibf, wbo, wba, and WBC…World titles… If you were to ask Charlo after he becomes undisputed or him and Lopez the same undisputed what do you think his response will be… What do you think Mike Tyson’s response would be,..Lewis?..Bud already said his piece on that…NO COMMENT…LOL

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