Demetrius Andrade def Liam Williams UNANIMOUS decision Calls out Jermall Charlo & GGG AGAIN!!!

Demetrius Andrade defended his Wbo middleweight championship vs Liam Williams and did what many expected for him to do. Win in a Andrade fashion. Start quick, hurts his opponent early than coast to a decision win. Came out with the same criticism he walked in with. Didn’t make a statement in his performance, opponent wasn’t a world beater. Promoter Eddie Hearn yet again can’t secure he can get a unification bout vs other belt holders like IBF champ GGG, Wbc champ Jermall Charlo, WBA champ Ryota Morata.

Demetrius Andrade came out blazing in the 1st two rounds which seemed it was going to be a early night. In the 2nd round Andrade hurt and knocked down Williams who got back up in the 9th second count. Williams battle backed well in the next couple rounds. But thru out the fight Andrade was landing clean effective punches especially showing great side to side movement setting up uppercuts all night.
Williams best round was the 9th which hurt Andrade with the southpaw kryptonite straight right hand, but like a true champion Andrade weather the storm and kept outclassing The tough Williams to the final bell. Williams applied decent pressure yet it was not effective aggression.
Andrade box well yet looked a bit vulnerable at times. Question will be can Demetrius Andrade stay motivated entering training camps with opponents that put him in a situation where there is no prize or massive credit for those wins. At the age of 33, is fair to say Andrade is at The back end of his prime.

One the most avoided fighters of this generation, Andrade legacy is on a halt until he fights those other middleweight champion. It is what it is it’s unfortunate but that the pulse in the sport of boxing,

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