Haney vs Loma Possible CORRUPTED OUTCOME Thus Rolando Romero.

The lightweight Undisputed Fight between arguably the top 2 lightweight in the world, Devin Haney Vs. Vasiliy Lomachenko has created an exciting buzz in the world of boxing yet the corruption that occurred during the Rolando Romero vs Ismael Barroso this past weekend which Referee Tony Weeks made a bizarre decision to stop the action and award the favorite Romero a TKO victory as the underdog Barroso, was on his way in capturing the WBA super junior welterweight title. Has given the breakdown and prediction of Haney vs Lomachenko a slight Buzzkill. 

Many wouldn’t want to insert that “corruption” energy in the lead up to this massive lightweight showdown yet doesn’t it contradicts the opinion of many who wouldn’t want the corruption that transpired that night, to be swept under the rug? The boxing community has a way of witnessing corruption and robberies which creates an uproar until a next fight takes place and everything goes away. Swept under the rug, no accountability and on to the next. Hopefully both Haney and Lomachenko is given the chance to dictate their own fight and fate. Yet would it be a surprise knowing the nature of this business that corruption or anything of that nature can’t and won’t occur? It wouldn’t be a surprise. 

Haney, who would be a free agent after this fight. 

Common sense saids, Top Rank who promotes Devin Haney and Vasiliy Lomachenko, wouldn’t want Haney to take them belts and business and sign with TR competitors, such as Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing Dazn or Al Haymon’s PBC. Vasiliy Lomachenko who already locked down a hall of fame career, May look to retire in case he wins. Which that eventually indicate Loma dropping the belts and that wouldn’t be ideal for Top Rank because it will mean other promoters gets the chance to gain power with those vacant belts thus the Junior welterweight division, which had another current Top Rank fighter Josh Taylor who vacated 3 of his 4 belts as undisputed which Gave opportunities to other fighters from other promotional company to earn them as they become power players in that respected division. 

Will the “fix” be in play or will the business of boxing let the fighters dictate the fate of the business? We will have to wait and see after Saturday night. Unfortunately it will be naive not to have a possible corrupted outcome in my psyche due to the nature of this beautiful yet crooked sport.


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