Donald Trump ENDORSES Teofimo Lopez. Trump to attend Taylor vs Lopez June 10th NYC Madison Square Garden.

The former lightweight undisputed King co-signed by the Former President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump during UFC 287 as both were in attendance and got introduced to one another by fellow New Yorker and former baddest man on the planet, Iron Mike Tyson. 

Two New Yorkers who shocked the world by beating the odds when both acclaimed greatness. Teofimo Lopez defeated Vasyl Lomachenko as a major underdog to capture the lightweight crown. Donald Trump becoming the 45th president when he defeated Hilary Clinton. Both Teofimo and Trump facing two different challenges in two different fields yet similar goals. And thats to be seated on what they feel is their rightful place. Trump as the seated President as he looks to defeat Joe Biden in the 2024 election predicting if Biden seek for reelection, and Teofimo as the Top Dog in the Junior Welterweight division which he looks defeat the undefeated lineal and former undisputed junior welterweight champion Josh Taylor on June 10th in NYC Madison Square Garden in which Donald Trump looks to attend and cheer fellow New Yorker Teofimo Lopez on. Trump who is known to be a die hard boxing fan, gave massive respect to Lopez 

“Wow now you a top fighter, he’s a fighter a Real fighter.” 


Both have also faced shady politics which factor in their defeats when the first defended their position after their greatest achievements but Love them or Hate them these are 2 Alpha that’s willing to take on Challenges head on like no one in their respective field. If Teofimo Lopez defeats Josh Taylor he will certified stamp his way as a future Hall of Fame at age 25 yrs old in only 20 fights. Mr. 45 is looking to be Mr. 47. 

Their desire to make America and boxing great again is why their supporters is strong snd faithful. They void the frustrations of the American citizens and the boxing fans. The boxing fans constantly ask for the best to fight the best. Hoping that boxing can go back to its glory days. 

Teofimo Lopez resume speaks for itself. The Takeover is the leader of the new school in boxing and most certainly the man for the job to beat the man to be the man. Trump is more than ready to do his own version of The Takeover in 2024 as he looks to lead the United States of America to its new glory days. 


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