Anthony Joshua’s Killer Instinct is at the Lost & Found at Madison Square Garden.

Anthony Joshua one of the most devastating Heavyweight Punchers of this era, Recently has not showcased what got him that reputation. Joshua’s spectacular performances and endings, early on in his career captivated the emotions, interest and imaginations of the boxing fans which has not happen since the days of Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe, Lennox Lewis just to name a few. Wladimir Klitschko most certainly reigned after them yet his style did not captivate a world wide interest.

There is a saying “where ever the heavyweight division goes, boxing goes.” And it can’t be denied The heavyweight division world wide was in a dark cloud matter of fact, you can arguably say that it was in a coma. Even when Tyson Fury defeated Klitschko November 28th, 2015 and early on the same year where Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao, which the fight was promoted as the fight of the century. 2 of the biggest fight BOMBED in terms of the entertaining value. Boxing needed a fight or a fighter to take boxing out of life support. The boxing God’s delivered us gift and blessed us with Anthony Joshua.

The Freakish Knockouts was back, the uooos and ahhhs was back. What the fans was asking for in terms of a heavyweight that captivates the interest and sustain the eyeballs has appeared. Anthony Joshua the Messiah of the heavyweight division is born. Highlight reels after highlight reels. Joshua was demoralizing basically every opponent he faced and in the Eve of knocking out living legend Wladimir Klitschko, no disrespect to Tyson Fury. The way Joshua beat Kltich was a statement that was needed not only for Joshua, but for the sport of boxing to sustain its life line.


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With the help of another heavyweight. Deontay Wilder was delivering the same type of excitement in America. Displaying arguably one of the freakish power the sport has ever witness. The heavyweight division regain a buzz like the good old days. Joshua vs Wilder was the primary fight that needed to be delivered. Both being the only heavyweight champions. Joshua holding 3 world titles IBF,WBA,WBO. Wilder holding the WBC yet with both failing to comes to terms for an undisputed showdown was disapointing because it would have crowned an UNDISPUTED heavyweight champion which we have not seen since Lennox Lewis. Both went their separate ways.

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz June 1, 2019 will be the last time Joshua fought without a conscious. Ruiz Stopped Joshua in a shocking upset that was compared to the shocking lost Mike Tyson had vs Buster Douglas Feb 11, 1990.

The ruthless aggressive Killer instinct has not been in displayed since. Joshua has taken a very cautious approach to each of his fights after losing to Ruiz. Basically gun shy to commit to throwing and landing bombs which made him one of the most brutal punchers of this era. Is apparent Anthony Joshua is not the same fighter and the killer instinct is still in Madison Square Garden NYC. Witnessing his 2nd fight vs the now unified champion Oleksandr Usyk. Joshua didn’t want to impose his size and strength on the smaller Usyk. Which with a victory would have became a 3x heavyweight champion which haven’t been done since Muhammad Ali. If he couldnt find his killer instinct then, it will be absent to the remaining of his career.

Joshua’s victory vs Jermaine Franklin which was his last outing, was good enough to put him back into the willing column but did not captivate the imagination of the boxing fans. In boxing everything is not about winning and losing, but is HOW you win and lose.

The Knowledge Spencer Fearon, the primary boxing historian and one of the great boxing minds of our time, times in on Anthony Joshua new approach.

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