Shakur Stevenson “NOT Exciting, but Efficient” Teddy Atlas BLINDLY shares thoughts of Shakur’s last performance.

Shakur Stevenson deliver one of the most exciting performance of his career when he defeated Shuichiro Yoshino via 6th round TKO this past Saturday at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The 2016 USA silver Olympian and 2 division world champion Stevenson showed glimpse of fellow Olympian Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather, in which many are heavily comparing the young Stevenson with and rightfully so.

Shakur have basically checked all the boxes in reference to the making of a “perfect fighter.” Shakur checked his last couple boxes after his performance versus Yoshino. Those boxes was “POWER” and the “ENTERTAINMENT” Factor. Shakur have shown no blemish in his offensive game and no holes in his armor in the defensive end, yet the only questionable criticism Shakur ever faced thru out his young career is 1. Will his power move up as he moves up to campaign in heavier divisions. 2. Can he be a lucrative Attraction due to his “lack of entertainment value” basically “BORING.”

Shakur apologized and vowed to approach his fight in a more fan friendly manner after he received backlash after his boxing clinic victory performance vs Jeremiah Nakathilia June 12, 2021 in which he won every round yet many was unhappy due to many identifying the gap in levels between the 2 fighters. Basically Nakathilia shouldn’t have lasted more than 6th round with the level of fighter Shakur is and tools he possess.

Stevenson kept his promise has he went on to captivate the interest, emotions and the imagination of the boxing fans with entertaining performances, displaying his power vs Jamel Herring Oct 23, 2021, hurting and stopping Herring via 10th round TKO and captured his 2 division world title and followed it up by unifying vs Oscar Valdez on April 30, 2022 by unanimous decision also dropping Valdez in the 6th round, once again displaying his power. When the light was bright Shakur came to fight not just box. He followed up again with an impressive performance once again putting a hurt on to his opponent Robson Conceicao Sep 23, 2022, which many believed was robbed in his fight vs Oscar Valdez prior to his fight with Shakur.

Stevenson vs Yoshino was Shakur first fight at the star studded lightweight division which feature several fighters known to captivate the interest of the boxing fans, such as Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia which both will be going head to head April 22, 2023. Shakur made a statement to the world of boxing and his contemporaries. Shakur is not just only the best technician at lightweight but he’s just as dangerous and exciting which makes him a certify boxing attraction.

Surprisingly not everyone enjoyed Shakur’s performance. Teddy Atlas former trainer and protege Cus d’amato, shared his mind boggled opinion on Shakur’s performance via Tweets “Also as Usual, Stevenson not exciting but efficient.” Another Tweet reads “Boxing, Stevenson not a Puncher, or a great finisher, but a terrific slick boxer, truth.”

Seems as Atlas believes the white is black and black is white because he sure breaks down the opposite of what actually happend. 1st is not one boxing personnel or fan that can honestly say they watched a lack of entertaining Shakur Stevenson vs Yoshino. Nor can anyone say Shakur is not a puncher especially when he sat down on his punches, delivering 2 knocked downs in the fight and stopping his opponent within 6th rounds. Matter of fact Shakur was the puncher, the finisher and the slick boxer. Overall he showed he was a terrific ALL AROUND FIGHTER, as he have shown for the last 4 fights.

Teddy Atlas who also have the reputation of being highly critical and devaluing great fighters, past and present such as Saying “Mike Tyson was never a great fighter.” Anthony Joshua is overrated and the Uk fans love a good loser. “Deontay Wilder can’t fight.” Indirectly insinuating and questioning what Manny Pacquiao had in his system when he defeated Keith Thurman. Critical of Canelo Alvarez. Calling Father/Trainer Teofimo Lopez sr “not a real trainer” yet both are recipients of Trainer of the year award, one apiece. So is not a surprise Atlas criticism of another great fighter.

Everyone has an opinion but some opinion are given the benefit of the doubt depending on the credential that you hold in a particular field. Atlas who respectfully gets the benefit of the doubt for the most part due to him being a trainer, boxing analyst and commentator, loses credibility when he shares his blind takes almost as if he didn’t even tune into Stevenson vs Yashino. Atlas of late is no better than a Youtube troll on a comment section of a boxing channel.


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