Teofimo Lopez Affirms Loyalty to Father and Trainer: ‘We’re a Team for Life

Teofimo Lopez, the former lightweight undisputed champion who already started training camp for his June 10th fight vs undefeated undisputed junior welterweight champion Josh Taylor, recently made a statement via IG during his casual mile run along with his father and 2020 trainer of the year recipient Teofimo lopez Sr, affirming his loyalty to his father and trainer, indicating that they are a team for life.

“God has a way to cut your grass so you can identify who’s the snakes and who was standing right beside you all along.”

Teofimo Lopez Sr has build and molded one of the most dynamic fighter the sport has ever seen. The Dynamic Duo which consist of father and son has reached the mountain top when they out gamed and out boxed another celebrated father and son duo in Anatoly and Vasyl Lomachenko. At that time both were regarded as the best trainer and fighter in all of boxing. June 10th The Dynamic Duo look to reclaim their spot as once again Teofimo Lopez goes up against the toughest challenge and the top dog in 140 pound division which they now campaigning. “My son performs greater when he is the underdog” Teofimo Lopez Sr.

Fans, fighters, trainers and even boxing analysts has spread their unfortunate opinions of Teofimo Lopez needing to change trainers if he want to reclaim his spot as a top P4P fighter.

Despite recent rumors and speculation about the possibility of Lopez changing trainers, he made it clear that he has no plans to part ways with his father as his coach. According to Lopez, his father has always been his best coach and has played a significant role in his success as a boxer. This statements serves to confirm the strong bond and partnership between Teofimo Lopez and his father, who will continue to work together towards achieving success in the sport of boxing.


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