Chris Eubank Jr KNOCKED OUT by Liam Smith in the 4th Round

Liam Smith looked like he was on his way of getting outboxed by which it seemed in the first 3 rounds by the superior boxer Chris Eubank Jr, but Smith with an effective pressure, closed the gap, cut the ring off, pinned Eubank jr in the corner and delivered power combination which put Eubank Jr surprisingly down. Eubank Jr got up yet did not have his faculties and literally was on Bamby legs in which the ref let it continue and Smith closed the show by beating Eubank jr once again down to the Ground and that’s all she wrote.

Legend and father of Chris Eubank Sr tweeted right after his son losing.

Congratulations @liambeefysmith.
I’ve never once seen Chris Jr even buckle in a fight, so big relspect to you, your team and your future.🏆🏆

Williams at age 34 is still in the mix in the middleweight division and maybe he will get an opportunity to fight for a world title again either vs GGG, Janibek, or Jermall Charlo. As for Chris Eubank jr a fight vs Conor Benn don’t sound to bad now and even much so he looks vulnerable in which closes the gab on those that predicted that Eubank jr would beat Conor Benn.

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