Jake Paul is NEEDED & RESPECTS boxing more than the ones in it.


Jake Paul is back in the boxing ring December 18th vs Tyron Woodley the rematch. Amanda Serrano the 7 division world champion and P4P the knockout queen of boxing will be Co-Main vs Miriam Gutierrez.

Serrano who newly signed to Paul’s promotion company (Most Valuable promotion) making her 2nd debut along side paul, which she is looking for one of the most important win that will secure her showdown vs Undisputed lightweight Champion Katie Taylor hopefully April 2022. To which many believe is the most HISTORIC matchup in women boxing and one of the biggest and most important in the history of the sport.

The lack of respect the industry has for the queens of boxing especially in America, is why Jake Paul took it upon himself to help a living Legend like Serrano get her just do professionaly and financially, which now Serrano will be getting paid 7 figures when she fights Katie Taylor, of course she would have to defeat Gutierrez first.

Many question what Jake Paul is doing in the sport of boxing. The real question is what has boxing done to itself to where a youtuber like Paul is allowed to survive in this industry. With lack of consistent fights which the fans want to see and the best not fighting the best. Also the lack of self promoting fighters and its inactivities. This Allows a Jake Paul to sustain the interest of the sport because the sports and its elite fighters can sustain the fans attention due too massive inactivities etc. 

Jake Paul is on his way to fight for the 3rd time this year alone. Basically he’s the most active boxer aside from Canelo Alvarez. How is Paul more active than elite fighters? Paul is dedicated to the sport and respect the sport more than the sport respects itself. You can argue that Boxing needs Jake Paul more than he needs boxing.

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