Floyd Mayweather KILLIN Gervonta Davis potential HOF Legacy


Gervonta Davis one of the phenom in the sport of boxing is being held down by Mayweather Promotion. Not necessarily in terms of getting paid yet is being held down for opportunities to establish a Hall of fame legacy. A legacy in which Floyd Mayweather himself was given the opportunity to establish.

Davis has all the special skills and talent and freak of nature power and athleticism to establish a legacy which will reign supreme. The type of legacy which his offsprings will be able capitalizing from. 

Davis career is still moved in egg shells and many in the boxing world wondering why with all those attributes, is Davis still on training wheels. Not being able to do an interview without being prompted by Floyd Mayweather or Leonard Ellerbe like if he was a child.

27 year old Davis is not being treated nor respected as an elite fighter let alone, a GROWN ASS MAN. Is Time for Gervonta Davis to speak up and fight for a Legacy that has the potential to be one of the greatest legacy in the history of the sport. 

Hey anybody can put butts in the seats with proper marketing but not everyone can have a prestige Legacy as a prize fighter. 

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