MALIEK MONTGOMERY DEFEATS ALEEM JUMAKHONOV In a EPIC Slugfest. Fight of the Year hands down.

Maliek Montgomery vs Aleem Jumakhonov my goodness was one hell of a fight and a fight of the year candidate. Montgomery defeated Jumakhonov unanimously which 3 judges Scored it 100-90, 99-91 and 98-92. 

Montgomery mixed up his high octane and high volume attack, knowing went to brawl and to box using great jabs and setting traps to the all out coming forward Jumankhonov. Montgomery average 95 punches a round. Trained by prestige trainer Kenny Porter, Father of former 2x welterweight champion Shawn Porter. Maliek Montgomery demonstrated the embodiment of the Porter Way!!! Never let anyone out work you, Effective high octane pressure pressure pressure. 

Right after the 8th Round, ref Jack Riese instructed Aleem and corner that if he takes more punishment, he’s looking to stop the fight. Doctors checked Aleem and decided he can continue.

Both fighters showed excellent strength and conditioning. Much respect to the corners in preparing both warriors for war. 

9th round was a memorable one in which Aleem stunned Montgomery yet seconds after, Montgomery quickly regain his faculties and stunned Aleem with a left hook. It was a all out Slugfest. Thru out the fight In those tough rounds, it was Montgomery which had the wrinkles to adjust. Establishing the jab again, Turning his opponent always establishing ring generalship positioning and landing more of the cleaner shots. 

Montgomery will definitely be looking for bigger and better opportunities and after this bout Mr. Maliek Montgomery is most definitely must see T.V. He’s in good hands with the Tutelage of Kenny Porter. Kenny Porter which also trains Maliek’s brother Mikhail, had a 2nd round k.o win this past weekend. Another Phenom in Kenny Porter’s Stable Hendri Cedeno LA BAZUCA Martínez which also had a win this weekend on the same card. Defeating Brennon Crow via 3rd TKO. 

Porter had the sport on lock this weekend and it looks like with the exciting fighters Mr. Porter is building, They destine to have this game on lock permanently. 

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