Deontay Wilder’s GREATNESS was motivated by the act of SELFLESSNESS, Now is time to get Selfish & do it for YOU.

Deontay Wilder first walked into a boxing gym not for the intentions to be the greatest fighter of All time. Yet the intentions was to be just good enough to fight to takecare of his daughter Naieya who was born with spina bifida. Who knew his “good enough” would turn out to be one of the most feared and most powerful fighter in boxing history. Even when he fought vs Luis Ortiz the 2nd time around. Wilder was looking out for a man that needed that payday to take care of his daughter. Let’s not also forget that when Tyson Fury was going thru his trails and tribulations after the Klitchko victory. Wilder stated that he would give up everything to help out Fury get back on his feet. “I will drop everything I got going on to help him if he need me.” Wilder demonstrated to be a selfless human being even if he had to sacrifice is life in that ring to help another life. 

Wilder is now force to push everyone aside and help himself the way he helped others when they were down. The drive and motivation was always dictated by everyone’s needs. Yet now Wilder needs Wilder’s undivided attention and that’s the approach Deontay Wilder is approaching this trilogy vs Tyson Fury. 

Wilder tasting defeat for the first time in his career maybe its a blessing yet a nightmare for Tyson fury. Because when Wilder is force to go on survival mode, nothing will stop this machine from conquering what needs to be conquered. 

People may analyze this fight and give the edge to Fury in terms of Skillset which Fury should be admire by his skill set in his nearly 300 pounds 6’9 frame. The way he moves, faints mixes his punches like a lightweight. Wilder is a freak of nature not only physically but mentally. Again the man walked in a gym at 21 years old, went to the Olympics and captured the bronze for team USA, turn pro became heavyweight champion tied Muhammad Ali with 10 title defenses, which tells you he grasp the art of boxing in short period of time and became one of the greatest heavyweights of all time already. 

So that should tell you something about Wilder. Wilder is a fast learner and good enough to beat fighters up with the basics and a punch that everyone knows what’s coming yet still can’t stop it yet only for that one time vs Fury in their rematch, he was negated. Wilder had the Iq to adjust and adjust quickly and he’s ready to finally be great not for everyone else but for him. 

For the first time Deontay Wilder is focus in him and the why he looks in his training. Wilder never looked quicker, faster and more determine to be the best and reign once again. 

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