Conor Been UNANIMOUSLY defeats Adrian Granados yet performance will always be compared to Vergil Ortiz & Jaron Ennis. Was it good enough?

The Son of the Legend Nigel Benn, Conor Benn still in the quest of carving his own legacy as he defeated Adrien Granados unanimously in which he judges did not have Granados winning not even one round. Benn is 1 of 3 young phenoms in the prestige and rich welterweight division. The other 2 is Vergil Ortiz and Jaron Boots Ennis. Unfortunately these 3 young lions name and performances will be linked thru out their career until they fight one another and thats if they keep on winning their respected fights. Compare all 3 last performances Benn’s was the least impressive yet the upsides and star power is inevitable for Benn.

Benn may bring something to the table that Vergil nor Ennis may not, and thats the support of its own country and that being the UNITED KINGDOM for Benn. Benn was not the main event yet a lot of those fans came for Benn even tho Josh warrington vs Mauricio Lara was the main event. Conor Benn promoted himself and this event heavy. Is also fair to say that Benn is the best self promoter of the 3. So Ortiz and Ennis may lead it in the skill category, but Benn may lead it in the $ category.

Ortiz when he fights in Texas, has a good and growing fan base and maybe it will be a good idea to showcase Jaron Ennis in his home Philadelphia to receive the proper support like we see from both Ortiz & Benn from their own.

Benn Threw every punch with bad intentions vs Granados yet had a little trouble cutting off the ring from time to time but for the most part, did good enough to win easy and the type of performance a young fighter most definitely could go back to the drawing board and work on. Mixing speeds will do wonders for Benn, setting traps and things of that nature.

The scary part is that he’s young enough to get better and better. This is just the beginning and a very impressive one thus far.

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