Victor Ortiz vs Robert Guerrero MIND, BODY & SOUL rejuvenated to fight again and steal the show Aug 21st Pacquiao vs Ugas

Victor Ortiz vs Robert Guerrero will prep the audience with a good old Mexican slugfest before the main event Manny Pacquiao vs Yordenis Ugas. This fight has all the ingredients to steal the show. 

It will be nearly 2 years for Ghost not being in the ring. Ghost Guerrero gave a retirement speech after his last fight vs Gerald Thomas. Yesterday in final press conference Guererro stated “i feel like i’m 30 years old again. it feels great. The time have allowed me to rest.”

Victor Ortiz has never fought since 2018 vs Devon Alexander and was going thru an unfortunate court case which could of forced him into retirement. Ortiz today has found a new motivation in his children. “What gave me the biggest inspiration of my lifetime are my two boys, Royal and Casino. I’m here to make statement and i’m not leaving without a victory.”

The pandemic gave several fighters time to rethink, replan how they want their career to truly continue or end. Both Fighter in the interview with PUNSH DRUNK BOXING reflect during the time being off, their body, mind & soul being highly rejuvenated for their 2nd run. 

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