Keith Thurman “The don’t duck me son Thurman” got nothing on my new Mature killer instinct.

Keith Thurman is slim trim and ready for that call to step back in the ring. Thurman last outing was against living legend Manny Pacquaio which he took an L for the first time in his career. But a lost don’t necessarily means “defeated”. Yet many have question if thurman still have the drive and fire he once had.

“You better not duck me son, you better not duck me son” will probably be one of boxing legendary catch praises and moment of Thurman career, when those words were directed at then champion Paulie Malignaggi. Yet that moment and others like it which Thurman displayed, is what made him must see t.v when he fights and when he talks.

After the Danny Garcia fight when he unified the welterweight division yet short after had Elbow surgery and suffer hand injury and also became a husband to his beautiful wife Priyana Thapa. In several interview Thurman demeanor changed a bit, not as boisterous and brash, not “calling out the world of boxing.” Many fans notice the change yet didn’t want to acknowledge his growth and maturity which he explains in the recent in depth interview with Punsh Drunk Boxing

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