Victor Ortiz vs Robert Guererro BUCKET LIST checked for both men. Guererro Win unanimous decision.

Robert Guererro beats Victor Ortiz unanimously. Victor Ortiz vs Robert Guererro Would of been a huge main event 8 years ago. It was a slow and rugged and dragged out fight. Periodically rained with boos. To be fair both been out the ring since this past decade. You cant question both warriors heart but you have to question whats the motive to keep fighting when they are well out of their prime.

Both men did fight toe to toe the whole fight yet both was not very much effective as the round when on. Also it would have been difficult to outdo Mark Magsayo Knockout of the year performance.

Watching both fighters which they not even close to 40 years of age makes you appreciate the likes of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather even more. How could they sustain a fresh body with they miles in their tires. Yet congratulate to both for putting their life on the line for out pure entertainment.

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