Mark Magsayo KNOCKOUT OF THE YEAR my goodness!!!

As the greatest filipino fighter in Manny Pacquiao is on his way out a potential great Filipino fighter is about to make his mark in a huge way with a spectacular win vs Julio Ceja which brings him one step closer to a title shot.

Deliver a 1st round Knockdown with a tremendous left hook that could of ended the fight in the 1st but we all know the mexican cojones is amongst the best in boxing Magsayo knew it would not be that easy.

In the 3rd round Ceja rallied with effective pressure keeping Magsayo on the ropes as he abandon his jab and control of range and distance as he did the 1st two rounds.

Ceja knocked down Magsayo in the 5th round. delivering massive body shots that crippled him to the ground right before the bell sounded.

10th round we witness one of the most devastating knockout in recent time as Magsayo deliver a punch of punches and the straight right sealed the deal. yikes!!!

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