Andrew Moloney looks to pick up where he left off minus the invincible “Headbutt” vs Joshua Franco TRILOGY August 14th

We knew coming in this year that it would be an undisputed year with the many undisputed fights that would inevitably come thru fruition. Yet come to think of it will also be a Trilogy year. Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury was fogged up with the excitement and possibility the boxing world was finally going to be gifted the heavyweight undisputed bout between Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua. But an arbitration ruled in favor of the trilogy while fury and team tried to run away from the contractual agreement for the trilogy they had with Wilder. Joshua Franco vs Andrew Moloney the trilogy should and will be taking place August 14th which is just due because of it unjust decision which took place in the 2nd bout. 

Franco would upset the then champion Moloney in the 1st fight to capture the Wba world flyweight title. Moloney immediately exercised his rematch clause. 

In the 2nd fight Moloney dominated early, closing Franco’s eye with steady stiff jabs but the fight was stopped due to awful referee Russell Mora claiming it was due to a headbutt. While the refs and telecast spend half hour looking at the monitor, slow motion and all which never appeared any headbutts which cause the eye to be closed except for Moloney’s punches. They still ruled a headbutt and fight was ruled a no contest and Franco retained his title. So much for replays in boxing. 

August 14th Andrew Moloney looks to pick up where he left off and Joshua Franco is blessed to get a chance to adjust with healthy eyes. 

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