Euri Cedeno Martínez of DR destroys Eldric Sella Rodriguez in 67 sec via 1st round K.O

Euri Cedeno Martínez representing Dominican Republic displayed the most impressive outing thus far in the Tokyo Olympic Games by demolishing Eldric Sella Rodriguez (refugee team) in the 1st round winning by Knockout.

Euri Cedeno Martínez may very well be the most dangerous middleweight in the world. Many have compare him to unified welterweight champion superstar Errol Spence. Martínez who is also a southpaw loves to attack the body and work his way up. One of the few fighters in the games that got that one shot power which he displayed in his first outing. Martínez who almost decided turning pro like his older brother Hendri Cedeno Martínez who goes by the name LA BAZUCA. Currently 2-0 with 2 devastating knockouts signed to Kenny Porter, father of Superstar and 2x champion Shawn Porter, is currently manager and trainer. Hendri have stated In reference to his brother. “If you think I have power, my brother got double the power I possess.”

Hendri & Euri Cedeno Martínez

The sport of boxing is soon in for a treat. DON’T be surprise if Euri’s performance carries on to winning the Gold and still carry that momentum into the professional level to winning a world title. Not looking to far ahead yet curtain things just got its inevitability.

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