Javier Fortuna vs Jojo Diaz July 10th. Fortuna is done with all the run arounds & vows to send Diaz back to 130 with a lost

Javier Fortuna has been given the run around for the last year and some change to finally get an opportunity for some WBC Gold. Now I will explain to you how the Fortuna vs Jojo Diaz bout for July 10th came thru fruition using my “Ace Ventura Jim Carry” style. 

(Inhale) First he was suppose to fight current WBC Lightweight regular champion Devin Haney but than Haney needed shoulder surgery which eventually got placed as “Champion in recess.” Then a contractual schedule bout between Fortuna vs Luke Campbell was suppose to take place but the Covid-19 pandemic hit which eventually canceled the event. During the time of uncertainties, It gave time for Haney to fully recover and be reinstated as Wbc champion after Haney petition for it. Fortuna than was scheduled to fight Linares but unfortunately Linares tested positive for Covid. The wbc ordered Fortuna to fight Antonio Lozado Torres to become mandatory to Devin Haney while he been in position for it already but the politics of boxing never fails to not exist. Fortuna knocks out Lozado. Haney beats Gamboa. But a fight with Ryan Garcia vs Luke Campbell was scheduled as a WBC interim title fight and the winner will also be Devin Haney’s Mandatory. Ryan beats luke yet rather than Devin Haney vs Either of his mandatories. WBC interim champion Ryan Garcia vs Javier Fortuna was scheduled. Ryan Garcia drops out of his bout due to mental illness and strip of his interim title and Now Javier Fortuna will be fighting Jojo Diaz July 10th for the WBC interim lightweight belt. (Exhale)

Jojo Diaz who was stripped of his super featherweight Ibf World title for missing weight in his last bout, is testing the water at lightweight vs a dangerous opposition like Fortuna. Both possess similar style, Decent power, Decent speed Elite Heart & Will but also  have showcase vulnerability which makes it a interesting bout. 

Both coming off Wins which their confidence level should be in the right place and ready to go. Devin Haney ordered  to face the interim champion in no more than 90 days after this bout. 

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