Deontay Wilder vs Jermell Charlo BEEF Unnecessary. HASH It out before gets WORSE

Jermell Charlo will not be punked nor shamed and guilt tripped to the self victim hoodship of Deontay Wilder believing that the lost to Tyson Fury was  do to White Privilege and not solely SKILLS. Jermell Charlo “race don’t matter” comment followed it up with “skill pays the bill” was taken out of content which enological people thought he meant that in society race don’t matter. Yet what he meant was the outcome of Wilder losing to Fury was do to SKILLS not race. Wilder basically threaten Charlo by saying he deserve to get smacked and Charlo in separate interviews reply by saying “i got shooters that will kill for me.” This Drama is unnecessary and these brothers should hash it out and clarify their position before unfortunate things happen. 

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