Jermell Charlo attacked for speaking Truth “Race didn’t matter” Wilder lost cause Fury’s SKILLS beat him

Jermell Charlo an African American Boxer and one of the most prestige and accomplished fighters in the sport of boxing unified super welterweight Champion and one belt away in becoming UNDISPUTED if he is Victorious vs Brian Castano July 17th, has been racially attacked by his own race because of comments he typed during a recent Deontay Wilder interview via ig with Ray Flores of Premiere Boxing Champions in which he typed “Race doesn’t Matter” in reference to Wilder stating that one of the reason he lost to Tyson Fury in their last year rematch, was do to White privilege. Jermell Charlo comments meant that Wilder lost was do to the Skillset of Fury and not Race. 

Couple Independent Media groups which allegedly pride themselves in providing “PRO-BLACK” boxing content on YouTube have attacked Jermell Charlo character and have also indicate that he should be kicked out the black race and black community because he did not go along with their disturbing “CODE.” The Code is hate everything that’s not black and never speak against nor challenge nor justify another black mans Actions nor words. These Groups have a high reputation of being RACIST and with a cult following of others who join and push and embodies their agenda and narratives, makes boxing social media platforms like YouTube Toxic. Trying to guilt trip Charlo to their victim hood sucka ass mentality won’t work.

Jermell Charlo a proud black man but most of all a proud Man that don’t subscribe to the race baiting, self victimhoodship, racist code and mentality which these individuals in these groups want him to have. Charlo was absolutely right when he said race doesn’t matter in reference to why Wilder lost to Fury. The reality nobody has the authority to strip you from what you identify with. The reality is those individuals in those groups that lead the charge and those who follow their agenda is not Pro-Black. What they are is Pro-WILDER who use race to justify his short comings. 

Race is the most lucrative business model in America and groups like those That were mentioned, capitalize of that business model and the emotions they can ignite (Divide and conquer)

The real SELLOUTS & COONS are Those who have attacked Jermell Charlo. 

What Jermell Charlo is a symbol of Hard work and dedication a product of 2 parent household and God fearing. A symbol of beating the odds along side with his Twin brother Jermall Charlo. Jermell Charlo is a Symbol of BLACK EXCELLENCE a true role model to All walks of life. Skills pay the bills. The Human race is the only race that matters to God. The true Code for a Man is being Honorable, Respectful, provide and takecare of your Family, humanitarian efforts and have God in your heart. 

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