Demetrius Andrade “Close mouth don’t get Fed, continue to stalk Canelo” saids Bernard Hopkins

Demetrius Andrade WBO middleweight champion chopped it up with Hall of fame Bernard Hopkins while they attended a celebration for the late Great Marvelous Marvin Hagler. The city of Brockton celebrated Hagler, who reigned as the undisputed middleweight champion of the world from 1980 to 1987, with a special ceremony at Rocky Marciano Stadium Sunday afternoon. Both the city and the state of Massachusetts declared May 23 “Marvelous Marvin Hagler Day.” Hopkins insinuated to Andrade that he needs to do more in terms of Stalking his potential opponent like he once did in his day to lure them and basically shame them to sign a contract to fight Andrade.

Demetrius Andrade an Olympian and one of the best talent in the world of boxing. 2 division world champion but has yet gotten that opponent and statement performance to insert himself in that pound 4 pound conversation and at the age of 33, times is ticking. Already in the back end of his prime age Andrade needs to step on the gas in terms of enticing those who he want to get in the ring to bite the bait because it seems many especially other champions in the division such as Jermal Charlo & GGG are reluctant to enhance their legacy and fight Andrade for a unification bout.

Bernard Hopkins tells Demetrius Andrade “you have to stalk Canelo and co every where they go & appear in their events & do they same thing you did to Canelo in crashing press conferences.” “Close mouth don’t get fed.” They will not just grant Andrade a fight he continues in telling Andrade “you too big of a risk and everyone knows it so you going to have to do more and stalk them till they get to the breaking point.”

Andrade is arguably the most avoided fighter of this generation. Fighters that need to fight him is trying to insinuate that “nobody knows Andrade” yet the ones that need to know him, know him. If legacy is what fighters in the middleweight division wants than they have to go thru Andrade to add to each legacy. Who wants to unify at middleweight? Is only one man that’s really interested and vocal in Big fights and legacy and that’s Demetrius Andrade.

One thought on “Demetrius Andrade “Close mouth don’t get Fed, continue to stalk Canelo” saids Bernard Hopkins

  1. Who cares what B-hop is telling Andrade. This isn’t the 90’s, and Canelo isn’t Trinidad. That was bad advice, who’s side do you think Herns is gonna take. We need to be talking about how close will Spence be to the Canelo fight if he beats Pac-Man. Go ahead Punsh you can steal that topic from me I don’t mind Comedy Central


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