Brandon Figueroa KNOCKED OUT Luis Nery with Thunderous BODY SHOT

Brandon Figueroa performance and approach vs Luis Nery resembled the Frank Sinatra song “I did it my way.” Wow wow wow!! A back and forth all out brawl for 7 straight rounds none stop and finally after Nery looked like he was getting the best of Figueroa. Figueroa stopped him with a thunderous body shot.

Many who analyzed this fight wanted Figueroa who had the reach advantage and size to work behind the jab control distance and range. But Figueroa did it his way and won in a way many thought was going to be the reason he would lose.

Now the Wbc bantamweight champion, Figueroa has a unification bout vs undefeated wbo bantamweight champion Stephen Fulton September 2021. Fulton who beat Angelo Leo With the same approach Figueroa had vs Nery, this tells me September is going to be burning hot. A glorious war!!! Awaits.

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