Teofimo Lopez BEEF with Floyd Mayweather for HATING & SABOTAGING PPV debut

Teofimo Lopez and Father chops it up with Mr. Moonshine on Punsh Drunk Boxing and express their disgust towards Floyd Mayweather for trying to sabotage Their upcoming PPV debut on Triller vs George Kambosos jr Which was scheduled on JUNE 5th and now rescheduled on June 19th JUNETEENTH which actually is a blessing landing on a historic day in America FREEDOM DAY.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul recently scheduled for June 6th on a Sunday. Same weekend which Triller was hosting its even headlining Teofimo. Floyd Mayweather which known for dimming others spotlight strategically decided to host. A Sunday PPV following Teofimo Lopez fight. Unheard of to host PPV on a Sunday as a boxing event. Teofimo Lopez Sr wanted to let the world know how much a scum Mayweather promotion is for doing so.

Teofimo Lopez stated “I will never take shine away from young fighters.” Sr also stated My son will F%K up Floyd Mayweather.

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