Billy Joe Saunders looking for a way OUT vs Canelo Alvarez

Billy Joe Saunders already has created a mountain of excuses before the biggest fight of his career May 8th vs Canelo Alvarez for the WBC, WBA,WBO, Ring lineal super middleweight championship of the world. 

Saunders have disputed which he believes the one sided favoritism towards Canelo Alvarez by his Promoter Eddie Hearn Matchroom boxing. Such as The picking of the judges, Canelo and Hearn already making plans for a September fight vs IBF champion Caleb Plant, team Saunders accusations of Canelo tampering with hand wraps, threatening not to fight Canelo if they do not change the Ring size which he stated the size was agreed upon within the negotiations yet source saids its not on the contract. 

Saunders is doing everything to take the excitement away from this bout and if Canelo comes up with the victory because this will all lead to Saunders making the mountain excuses after the bout. Saunders has the natural advantages and that’s what he should primarily worry about. Saunders advantage such as his size, reach, athleticism, probably will rehydrate more than Canelo on fight night, the underdog, all the pressure is on Canelo who is a massive favorite. 

Is Saunders already checking out? Look it don’t matter what ring size it is. Billy Joe Saunders is going up against arguably the best boxer in the world. He will be fighting him in Texas in which Saunders shouldn’t even think about tippy toeing his way to victory. Is not going to happen in Texas. In Texas you going to have to take it to Canelo and take the title from him. Not rely on the judges. A fighter should not go in the ring to leave it in the judges hands. 

Tyson Fury the wbc heavyweight champion of the world also has his displeasure on how he believes his friend Saunders is getting unfairly treated. Fury should worry about finalizing the most important fight of his career and most important fight in boxing as the whole world is anticipating the UNDISPUTED SHOWDOWN between Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury. Fury should not enable Saunders excuses. Actually Fury should advice him to approach this fight like he did vs Deontay Wilder the 2nd time around and not leave it in the judges hands. 

Billy Joe Saunders should have more confidence in his skills and timely adjustments than the lack of confidence of the ring size and judges. 

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