Conor Benn TKO Samuel Vargas in the 1st round Keeping the Benn legacy name Alive. Destroying opponents run in the family. Today he diss attached “domestic fighter” from his portfolio and say hello to an inevitable Global Star.
Eddie Hearn Matchroom boxing promoter should be extremely happy that Benn picked up the slack of Josh Kelly. Move over Josh, Matchroom got their new young Golden Goose leading the way.
Benn performance was an attractive performance especially in a division full of stars and potential stars. Many in the world of boxing when talking about the young Phenoms in the 147 pound division. Most the time 2 names is brought up. Vergil Ortiz who defeated Maurice Hooker in his last outing and the 2nd Jaron Boots Ennis. Now people will be talking about A trio Benn, Boots, & Vergil.

Conor Benn in the post fight interview said “Stop telling me these are step ups if I’m the only one stepping up. Put respect on my name, I’m skills have grown more rapidly than any other fighter in the globe and any other sons of legends.”

In a division which brings star power yet a lot of frustration this Errol Spence vs Bud Crawford have yet come thru fruition. Keith Thurman absent, Manny Pacquiao have not fought since beating Thurman nearly 2 years ago. Kell Brook and Amir Khan sad to say but look like washed up products at 147. Shawn Porter still an exciting active force but has been in the ring already with nearly everyone he needed too. Conor Benn and the other 2 of the trio brings promise and excitement to the welterweight division.
Conor Benn eye of the tiger showed in the post fight interview which he gave us a taste of what a Keith Thurman use to give us. Calling out the world of boxing. But what was so good about his call outs was that the names are reachable. Porter, Khan, Brook, Adrien Broner. Those names are realistically next possible opponents.
The 24 year old Phenom is what’s needed in Boxing and also what is trending about these young fighters today. Benn knows how to self promote. Which I predict will be the cashcow of the welterweight division in 2 years or less.
The trio is giving us what the elites is not. Excitement and hunger.

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