Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua in JEOPARDY. By Saturday No venue, No Fight.

Tyson Fury has delivered a stunning message yesterday to Matchroom boxing promoter Eddie Hearn and all the power players which have been stalling to deliver the biggest and most important fight in boxing. The UNDISPUTED heavyweight championship fight between WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury who holds the WBC and Lineal titles. The 2 parties allegedly already signed the contract and waiting on the site and date in which the fight will be hosted. Yet with a fight of this magnitude, Mucho Dinero is involved and every hand in the cookie jar is making sure every cell of each cent that this fight could potentially make, is earned. The frustrated news is Tyson Fury is giving 48hrs for the power players to deliver or the fight is Off.
Frustration is a feeling boxing fans have felt for pretty long time. The last heavyweight undisputed champion was earned by Lennox Lewis 20+ years ago. A undisputed heavyweight use to be looked as the kings of all kings. Boxing has diminished its own sport by not showcasing the best vs the best. The long awaited fight between Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr over marinated their anticipated bout which sucked out the life of many boxing fans. Yet when it finally came thru fruition the aftermath left boxing fans highly unhappy and the sport received a black eye for the lack of entertainment. Boxing lost except for the 2 parties. Yet since the business model was very lucrative. Regardless of the fans feelings, it seemed all promoters adopted the business model in over marinating boxing potential mega fights. Thus the RISE OF THE UFC.

Boxing is not a growing Sport but is not a dying sport either. Deontay Wilder vs Anthony Joshua was suppose to fill that void. Yet The power players which consist of Eddie Hearn and Al Haymon couldn’t strike a deal thus the monkey wrench of Andy Ruiz was thrown. Boxing is back in position to delivering a heavyweight Undisputed bout between 2 of the biggest stars in boxing. If it’s not delivered, boxing will never recover from its Great Depression. While the belts year by year become meaningless and the best vs the best is hardly ever showcased, rino promoters don’t promote, Fighters lack self promotion. YouTubers and grandpa legends sells more than current elite prime fighters. Boxing will never recover.
All hands should be on deck to make this fight happen.
Boxing is in its 12th round. Will boxing rise like fury in the 12th round? Call me Jack Reese. I will count slow and give boxing a chance to rise up or should we just do the Mark Breland and throw the towel.

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