American Boxing & its fans should adopt the British boxing Culture

Support & loyalty is beautiful and honorable. No greater feeling and security for a fighter to have both especially when modern day warriors and Gladiators put their life on the line for our pure entertainment. Hopefully one day we can all identify as one race, THE HUMAN RACE and what makes the human race beautiful is the different cultures. A buffet to the world.
Boxing is full of different styles it terms of fighting styles such as the Cuban style, Russian, American, Japanese, Ukrainian, Uk etc. The sweet science as many different elements. With in the sport of boxing since is massively a world sport, we witness the different cultures. Training regimen, religion or even the way different cultures caters to their countrymen in terms of support and loyalty.

America is where the big bucks are earned for the most part yet America is cheap in supporting its fighters and its fighters lacking to represent its country. Race not culture is driven in America.

An example, you rarely hear the “black Brit” which in America you hear the black fighter. Frank Bruno, Lennox Lewis, Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank, Anthony Joshua and a plethora African decent fighters are not referred as “BLACK BRITS” They are just referred as British fighters. They represent themselves as one so the support comes from British fans. Yet in America since is race driven. An African American fighter will reference himself as a black fighter more so than An American fighter especially when not in the rums of Olympic or international tournament settings. Statements like “I got to win it for my people” In a way it could alienates other Americans from supporting such as Latino, Asian, white Americans in vice versa. Since the fighter is catering to a race instead of America, the revenue of fan support will be the race they catering to or pandering to and not Americans as a whole.
An example which catering to America and not just a race can benefit in numbers of support and loyalty. Keith Thurman always brings success viewership for networks in America because when he promotes he promotes fighting for America and living the American dream. He wears the red, white and blue trunks in all his fights as he have stated many of times. You give out the impression that “your people” is the “American people.” Before Teofimo Lopez vs Vasyl Lomachenko this past year ranked up 4.2 mill viewership. Keith Thurman vs Josesito Lopez was the highest Viewership with 3 mill with minor promotion or elite dancing partner.

American fighters should identify themselves as American fighters. Just like British fighters identify themselves as British fighters. Floyd Mayweather once said that he’s hated more by his people. He meant to say Black. He was talking in reference that lomachenko gets a better push than Bud Crawford and attaching it to (black & white) assuming white privileged or white acceptance. In reality Ukraine just supports it Ukrainian fighter and they will show out.
There is beauty and tasteless things in every culture. Some cultures joint with other cultures. Other cultures adopt some of the beauty of other culture which makes up a culture. America fight fans and its fighters should adopt the British culture to better their culture. Remember loyalty and support is a beautiful thing. UNITED Kingdom lives by its unity can’t say the same for D.S.A


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