Canelo Alvarez Forced to do All the work nobody else wants to do.

There is a famous stereotypical statement in America most of us have heard. “Mexicans (Hispanics) do the work that nobody else wants to do.” Accurate or not that’s a stereotypical statement and a belief many have acknowledged as being true. Now translating it to the sport of boxing it just seems that Canelo Alvarez a proud Mexican is doing the job that nobody else is willing to do yet he is the one that get heavily criticize for basically moving in a way which is opposite of what boxing fans are frustrated about.

Canelo Alvarez currently a 4 division world champion and on the verge of adding another belt to his already unified status at the super middleweight division when he faces Wbo super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders from the UK on May 8th in Dallas Texas. That will be Canelo’s 3rd fight in 5 months. Which he beat Callum Smith in December 19th 2020 which earned him the Wbc, wba & lineal world title. Followed up by defeating his WBC mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim February 27th 2021.
Many fans criticizes today’s fighters for not fighting enough like fighters did “back in the days.” That fighters are not challenging themselves etc. Yet if you take a good look at Canelo’s Career he’s most certainly the fighter the fills that void yet the fighter that’s most heavily critiqued. Let’s briefly break this down to debunk the bs criticism towards Canelo.

Canelo basically have faced every style at the highest level whether is the Cuban style vs Lara, Russian style vs Sergey Kovalev when he capture the wbo lightweight title by defeating him. Argurably one of the best fighters ever in Floyd Mayweather, the master of the shoulder roll and probably the highest iq and defensive fighter ever in the history of the sport which he lost a majority decision at age 23. Beat GGG who was regarded as the boogieman at the time. Amir khan known to have probably the fastest hands in boxing at the time, Shane Mosley future hall of famer, Miguel Cotto Puerto Rican style and future HOF. Daniel Jacobs the slickest American style fighter at middle weight. Defeated undefeated Callum Smith from the Uk who won the super series many boxing fans was thrilled about it and now he will face the slickest fighter at super middleweight Billy Joe Saunders. So he has faced basically every style. Prime elite fighters, high level veteran hof caliber fighters. The best fighter in the world, the most dangerous fighters in the world, pound 4 pound caliber of fighters. Bigger or smaller, heavier or lighter Canelo has faced them all and the man is only 30 years of age. Ladies and gentlemen Canelo Alvarez is a walking hall of famer. So why out of all fighters Canelo Alvarez is still pressure and force to deliver while everyone waits for the Canelo sweepstakes.

Strange criticism in boxing we never heard before such as Canelo Alvarez is “cherry picking the weakest champion at 175.” Hey I thought moving up in weight was the notion of a fighter daring to be Great. Oh how about this one. Canelo was scared to fight his mandatory Jermall Charlo at 160. Oh so now mandatory is important yet they criticize him that he fought his last opponent which was his mandatory name Yildirim. You can’t make this up folks. We all know if he goes back to 160 and fight Charlo or Andrade and beats them they will say he’s a weigh bully for coming back down to pick on the little guys.

Question is who has done enough to at least match legacy for legacy or at least bring something that Canelo wants to the table?
Why a unification bout between Demetrius Andrade vs Jermall Charlo vs GGG just mix and match it how you want? Nobody that’s your answer. Everyone calling out Canelo yet nobody legacy wise is enticing him. While Canelo is Working many are watching and waiting hopefully Canelo picks them. Thus being the Mexican doing the Job nobody else wants to do.

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