Canelo vs Benavidez THE MEXICAN CIVIL WAR Mexicano vs Chicano thus Hoya vs Chavez

Mexican fans will be divided if Canelo Alvarez vs David Benavidez ever get made just like it was divided when the epic fight between the Mexican American Oscar De La Hoya fought Mexico’s Favorite son Julio Csear Chavez.

Leading up to the fight for the first time in his pro career the beloved Hoya Heard his own people question his identity and culture when he went up against the mexican born and the pride of Mexico, Julio Cesar Chavez. Hoya was labeled ” Fake Mexican” a term which when the conversation of a possible match up between Canelo vs Benavidez has been echoed towards the American Born Benavidez. Canelo which recently stated “i dont want to fight Mexican fighters.” Many fans responded well “Benavidez is not real Mexican.”

Once again the war between native Mexican born and Mexican American will resurface and the possibility of it being more toxic due to Social Media if a fight between Chicano vs Mexicano comes thru fruition.

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