Artur Beterbiev TKO Anthony Yarde 8th round. Calls Out Dimitry Bivol post fight interview.

Artur Beterbiev 19-0-19KO Stops Anthony Yarde in the 8th round to retain his unified light heavyweight titles (WBC,IBF,WBO)

Yarde did challenge arguably the most dangerous fighter in boxing each round which surprisingly 2 of the 3 judges had Yarde winning going into the 8th round giving Yarde 68-65 Yarde, 67-66 Yarde and 67-66 Beterbiev.
Yarde who went down after Beterbiev delivered a thundering Right hand, got back up and Beterbiev followed up with combination which Yarde Cornerman Tunde waved to the ref no Mas before it got worse. Which it seemed like a quick stoppage by his corner yet it was respectable timing seeing what Beterbiev continued to follow up with.

Now is time for one of the most anticipated fights between 2 undefeated champions at Light heavyweight Artur Beterbiev vs Dimitry Bivol. Both took care of their mandatories and nothing should be in the way of this important encounter yet there maybe someone who could entice Bivol to steer away of a showdown vs Beterbiev. It’s not necessarily the person yet the bag in which he can offer and that’s the super middleweight undisputed champion which Dimitry Bivol this past 5 de Mayo defeated, Canelo Alvarez. Will Bivol Choose To carve his own potential Light heavyweight undisputed or will he go for another Canelo Alvarez Golden ticket?

Beterbiev during the post fight interview mention one name which he wants next Bivol and that’s the only fight that should matter to either of them.


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