Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford REVENUE SUCCESS is the “HARDCORE BOXING FANS” Responsibility NOT the “CASUALS.” Time for the Hardcores to FLIP THE BILL.

Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford, the most demanded, high risk fight in the sport of boxing. Undefeated vs Undefeated, p4p vs p4p, Best vs best, A1 vs A2 for the undisputed welterweight crown, not only will the winner become King at 147 but the winner will be crown #1 P4P stamping themselves as a 1st ballot future Hof when is all set and done. 

Many are frustrated that this massive fight have yet come thru fruition with years of demanding it. Rumor has it that there is not enough money in the pot to pay both Spence and Crawford what they want or what they feel they deserve. Reason being that casuals are not familiar with both fighters which concludes the thought that the primary fight in boxing is not a PPV big seller. 

Tim Smith from Premier Boxing Champions stated “From a business standpoint, it’s a fight that might excite the fans and all the people out there yelling about pay-per-view and too much. They’re not buying it [Spence vs. Crawford] anyway. They’re not going to plop down any money to make it successful. Basically insinuating that the boxing business has no trust in the hardcore fans dollars. Many will blame the lack of self promotion of Crawford and the inability to successfully sell, in reference to his past PPV fumbles. Some will blame not showcasing either fighter on free tv to familiarize themselves with a wider audience. Basically the casuals don’t know them and the hardcores don’t pay. 

If so than what’s the solution? Well the hardcores have to put their money where their mouth is. Hardcores has a tendency to always discredit casuals. Casuals are not the one that spend 24/7 demanding, debating, whining, crying, bitching to the point degrading the fighters for not giving them what they want to see. The casuals may not be familiar with both fighters yet the hardcores are. “They can’t self promote” yet for whom? The hardcores knows exactly who they are. Why the Hardcores are waiting on casuals to dictate the business of this fight if the hardcores should be responsible in flipping the Bill? If the 400k PPV buy prediction for Spence vs Crawford turns out to be accurate. Remember this fight suppose to be the highest demanded fight in boxing. Than those numbers are poor yet it won’t be a reflection on the fighters, it will be a reflection of the WEAK support of the so-called hardcore boxing fans which pretended to want this fight so bad. 

Forget the casuals. When will the hardcores flip the bill to big fights? 400k PPV would be good if the price were to be $150 to buy the fight. Hey for Hardcore that been asking and wanting this fight for the longest and acknowledging that Spence vs Crawford is the best fight in boxing I got NO PROBLEM spending that cash. That secures that both men would be paid in the $20 mill range, Fans will get the fight and the message is sent to those hands in the cookie jar, that Hardcores is who truly keeps boxing alive and dictates the success of big fights. 

We preach that we want to see the best fight the best, legacy reign supreme, prime fights, undisputed fights, high risk high reward. It’s our job as hardcores to reward them. This fight checks all the boxes. They say this fight is big for the hardcores not necessarily for the casuals. Time for the hardcores to take ownership of it.

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